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Architecture Podium is working to create a new window on international trends in architecture and design that looks on to radical solutions for the present day problems facing the domain. AP is a hub of services for architecture and design that was established to bring out the most creative and innovative projects in the field of architecture and hence create an interactive educational platform of highest standards.

International Diffusion

Architecture Podium’s international diffusion – through more than 60 countries around the world – enables the study of specific research topics mainly related to architectural design. AP has become a meeting point for designers, companies, professionals and students, but also a channel that calls for dialogue and discussion between the interdisciplinary fields of development.
The multicultural profile that AP has acquired over time allows for the investigation of the proposed topics via different philosophies and schools of thought. In order to reach a new expression of a design project we believe in the search for new solutions, even visionary ideas, to amplify the possibilities offered by advanced technology and science.
AP is working to develop an architectural language that would ‘sustain’ and ‘survive’ the impacts of new age challenges, and evolve into an architectural language of the future – taking sustainability one step ahead


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